Remuneration is calculated by the actual time spent on a single case. In regard to the complexity and difficulty of a case, different hourly rates occur. Invoices are always transparent and traceable, detailed into single days and services rendered. Additionally, a flat charge in the amount of 3% (without VAT) will be added for expenses such as telephone costs, copies, postage charges, etc. No further costs occur.

If possible in an individual case, ceiling amounts (caps) can be arranged for separate steps in the handling of a case.


When setting up a company, the budget is often tight. Experience though has taught that the generating of the essential contractual documents for the company by a specialist are an important contribution for the future success. According to the complexity of your company, the law firm hirschrecht offers various flat rates for examining or setting up the relevant contracts.

Flat rates

  • In addition to the start-up-package, flat rates for the rendering of legal services are also offered in the following areas:
  • Setting up of companies
  • legal opinions to various individual legal issues
  • amendments of articles of association
  • drawing of individual contracts
  • drawing of General terms and conditions